Client Document Checklist
Land List
  • Legal descriptions
  • Year of purchase or receipt
  • Purchase price
  • Your estimate of V-Day value (Dec. 31, 1971)
  • Your estimate of current fair market value
Improvement List
Machinery List
AgriInvest/Agri Stability Statements
Grain C./Coop Equity Statements (or information)
Listing of all debts or liabilities (both farm and personal) including amounts owed and payment terms
Tax returns for past 3 years
  • Personal (including spouse's)
  • Corporate (where applicable)
  • Other
Corporate Financial Statements (where applicable)
Corporate Minute Book (where applicable) including Share Register/Director
Farm Income & Expense summary for past 3 years (usually included with tax returns)
Current wills (including spouse's)
Investment statements or certificates (including spouses) including GIC's, Term Deposits, Bonds, Stocks, Mutual funds.
RRSP or RRIF statements (including spouse's)
Annuity Statements (or information)
Life Insurance policies
Employer sponsored pension plan statements or information (where applicable)
Canada Pension Plan statements
Information concerning any other pension, or benefit being received, or expected
Information concerning any inheritance, which is expected in the near future