Real Estate File Checklist
Legal descriptions.
Land descriptions acres, etc.
Land use-descriptions with crops harvested.
Property assessment and tax notice, taxes paid until _________?
Property features (feature page).
Oil leases/mineral titles.
Grazing leases/cultivated leases.
Irrigation district? Licensed acres?
All licensing for 'intensive operation'. 1
Equipment details. 2
Rental agreements.
Home details, sq. ft. bathrooms, bedrooms, description of each.
Any other buildings, dwelling, etc? Which piece of property _________?
Pictures (outside, home, buildings).
Farmland Calculation Report - Including "General Assessment" and property tax amount. 3
Restrictive covenants. 4
AFSC - Statement of Reported Production. 5
AgriInvest/AgriStability statements. 6
1 - ie: feedlot, dairy, hogs, etc. (including water, manure, lagoon licenses, etc.)
2 - ie: dairy barns, irrigation pumps, etc.
3 - County offices - Public recored.
4 - ie: pivot center within county setback requirements.
5 - Call the AFSC office at 1-877-899-2372, give you legal land descriptions and ask for you 'Statement of Reported Production'.
6 - You can also call AFSC office at 1-877-899-2372 to get your information.