Expanding Your Farm

Buying more property and expanding your farm or ranch operation is a measured, calculated decision that requires time, attention to detail, knowledge of the properties available, what’s desirable and experience in the acquisition process in order to ensure your purchase happens as efficiently as possible. Determining land value to settle on a purchase price alone is a demanding process. Marcel LeBlanc has the knowledge of the market, the experience with the acquisition process and the needed skills to find the most desirable property for you.

As a real estate brokerage, Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. has access to every property currently on the open market, and after more than 20 years of working with many farmers in the region, has access to potential sellers not even listed yet. This unique market position gives our company the ability to make a much more extensive search to find you what you need.

Beyond the real estate transaction itself, the tax man is a huge partner in your farm business. Marcel LeBlanc has applied his in depth tax skills to significantly reduce the real purchase costs. One such strategy is converting tax deferred inventory into tax paid capital which has created great opportunities in freeing up capital for land purchase and farm expansion. Discounted share price purchases and other strategies have significant benefits as well.