How We Operate

The process begins with a phone call, then a time is arranged around your schedule to have a face to face meeting. At this meeting, your goals and desires will be discussed, along with which of the services Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. offers would be most useful to you to ensure your goals are achieved. In order to begin formulating a comprehensive understanding of your farm and ranch, there is a list of documents that would ideally be collected and available to us at the time of our first meeting. This meeting is obligation-free and at no cost.

Once your desires and goals for both your farm or ranch and your family have been determined and the documents needed are gathered, we begin developing the ideal strategies for achieving those goals. Whether your goals involve buying or selling a farm or ranch or developing succession plans, the strategies presented will always be designed with the maximum tax savings possible. It is important to point out that while we do create these strategies and perform our own calculations, we do not replace your existing accountant or lawyer. Communication between their firm and ours is an important part of the process.

Once presented with the strategies custom designed for your situation, and once you have decided to proceed with the plan, Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. then continues its services as needed to make your deal happen. Using our extensive network, we can arrange auctions, showings, land searches and many other services as needed to complete the desired transactions. Most importantly, we maintain regular contact each time something is arranged or progresses, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The plan we create for you extends past the farm sale or purchase to continue dealing with the issue of taxes. In the example of a full farm sale where there is significant income, we advise different options of handling that income to reduce tax. Our depth of understanding of your farm, the long term plan we generate, our tax advice, our follow up services, attention to detail and above all, our devotion to helping you achieve your personal goals in addition to business goals are all parts of the outstanding, unique service you will receive when working with Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc.