Henry and Manja Van Aar

To Whom It May Concern,

After a number of years of farrow-to-finish farming near Innisfail, Alberta we decided to expand our farm business. We proceeded to search for the best expertise and assistance in the marketplace.

We met Marcel of Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. through a neighbour and a friend who was also using Marcel’s assistance in expanding their farm. Following a couple of farm visits from Marcel, we felt confident that the staff at Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. were the right people to walk us through this process.

Marcel worked hand in hand with us and our lender to develop a suitable loan structure which will accommodate the farm expansion.

Marcel and his staff have worked with and continue to work with our advisory team in guiding and suggesting company restructure that would maximize our future returns and create opportunity for expansion. In our opinion, Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. has excellent expertise and excellent ongoing service, for anyone looking for long term business planning and ways to efficiently expand any active farm business.

Working with Marcel and his team at Marcel LeBlanc Real Estate Inc. has been a remarkable experience and we are proud to recommend him and his company to anyone looking to grow their farming operation.

Yours truly,
Henry and Manja Van Aar